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        Triethyl phosphate


        Product name: Triethyl phosphate

        English name: Triethyl phosphate; Ethyl phosphate; Phosphoric acid triethyl ester

        Molecular formula: C6H15O4P

        Structural formula: 

        Relative molecular quality: 182.16

        CAS No.: 78-40-0

        EINECS No.: 201-114-5

        ICSC No.: 1730

        RETCS No.: TC7900000

        HS code: 29199000.90

        Physicochemical property

        It is colorless transparent liquid with pleasant fragrance. It is mixed soluble in water, alcohol and other organic solvent, for example, ether.
        It is stable under room temperature.



        Storage and transportation

        Should be preserved in seal container in cool and ventilated warehouse without drain-pipe and sewer;
        Storage temperature should be no higher than 35℃;
        Separate from food and drink;
        Keep it away from fire and heat source, oxidizing agent, acids and alkaline;

        Stability: stable under normal pressure and temperature

        Transportation: it is non-dangerous goods and should be transported as common chemicals.



        Main uses

        As high boiling point solvent in nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate;

        As stabilizer of insecticide, Bakelite and organic oxide;

        As catalyst of xylene isomers, carbodiimide;

        As fire retardant of polyester resin

        As plasticizer of cellulose acetate, unsaturated polyester and ethenyl ethanoate polymer;

        It is widely applied in medical, pesticide, ketene, resin and hydraulic oil fields.


        Quality parameter

        Executive standard: Q/320205GKAM01-2015

        Item Index
        high purity superior grade antifoaming grade
        APHA ≤ 10 10 30
        refractive index n20D


        acid value, mgKOH/g ≤ 0.02 0.10 0.50
        moisture (H2O), w% ≤ 0.05 0.10 -
        density(20℃),g/ml 1.068-1.072 1.065-1.073-
        content[(C4H9O)3PO],w% 99.90 99.0 99.0
        chloride, ppm  ≤ 5 5 -
        ethyl alcohol , ppm  ≤ 500 - -


        15kg plastic drum, 200kg iron drun, IBC, ISO-TANK

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